The QUEST Consult Checklist

Here's how to prepare for your consultation:

1. Read the Participant Information Sheet
This document explains what is involved for patients enrolled in the study.

2. Prepare a summary of your medical history for your consultation
Please have the following information at hand to discuss with the doctor:

  • Summary of your medical history (for the condition you’d like to treat)
  • Previous medications taken (for this same condition)
  • List of your current medications

If you are booking a consultation with a participating QUEST doctor that is new to you, you will need to discuss with them the above information to enable them to decide if medicinal cannabis is a suitable treatment option based on your individual medical circumstances. You can ask your usual medical centre for this information if you need assistance.

3. Advise the doctor of your interest in QUEST
Finally, to ensure you receive the subsidised medication, don’t forget to advise the doctor that you would like to be involved with The Global QUEST Initiative in your initial consultation.

You're all set to go!

But, if you still have queries you can always call us on 1300 664 369

Contact the QUEST Support team

Phone 1300 664 369

Please note QUEST support business hours are 9am – 5pm Australian Western Standard Time