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The QUality of life Evaluation STudy (Global QUEST Initiative), conducted by researchers at Curtin University, aims to be the world’s largest longitudinal clinical study investigating the quality of life and health economic impact of medicinal cannabis on patients with chronic disease.

Patients accessing medicinal cannabis generally have a range of conditions and symptoms that impact their quality of life. This clinical study sets out to better understand and measure how these conditions and symptoms affect patients’ quality of life over time, as well as any ‘out of pocket’ costs, while they are accessing medicinal cannabis as a treatment option.

The Global QUEST Initiative has commenced recruitment of eligible patients.

Why go on this QUEST?

To understand if a ‘new’ medical treatment really works, or if it offers good value for money, we need to be able to measure a person’s health and their response to a treatment as well as their medical expenses. While length of life is easy to measure, quality of life is more subjective, but we can measure it by asking patients questions about different aspects of their health such as their mobility, functionality, pain or discomfort, anxiety and depression. The Global QUEST Initiative will measure these and other factors through online questionnaires.


The de-identified results from this study will help future patients with certain diagnosed conditions to make better informed decisions about their treatment and understand the potential impact of medicinal cannabis on their overall quality of life.

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