Study enrollment in 4 easy steps

Choose from a list of QUEST doctors or request assistance from our team in finding the best fit for your needs & budget.

Fill in your details to register and request a QUEST doctor consultation. You will then be contacted to arrange a consult time.

The doctor will assess if you are eligible for medical cannabis treatment and study enrolment.

The cost of the medical cannabis products used by all participating patients in the QUEST study will be subsidised from $125 per bottle or $110 per 10g sachet.

Please note dosage requirements differ from patient to patient.

Information for patients

Before enrolment in The Global QUEST Initiative it is important to read the Participant Information Statement. This provides detailed information about the study and what is involved to help you decide whether you would like to take part.

If you have queries about enrolment, booking a QUEST doctor or receiving your medication please email or phone 1300 664 369.

If you have queries about the study protocol please contact Karl Gruber, Research Officer,

How does the QUEST work?

Participants can join the study for as long as they’d like to be involved (and have a relevant cannabis medicine prescription) whilst it continues over a five-year period. During this time, participants will be required to pay for their own medication. Participation in this study means they will receive their medication at a cost from $125 per bottle, $110 per 10g sachet and $115 for 1g cart (which includes delivery). Involvement is purely voluntary, and participants are able to ‘opt-out’ at any time.

All patient assessments are performed via online questionnaires. Participants still need to visit their doctor for their initial consultation and any subsequent visits their doctor recommends based on their individual medical circumstances. For patients that find it challenging to attend consultations in-person, telehealth* options are available.

Participating patients who are deemed eligible by their treating doctor will have their medication delivered directly to their home via a secure medical courier.

Visit the FAQs page for more information

*Telehealth is available for patients but Medicare rebates for consults do not apply unless that patient has had an initial in-person consultation with their participating QUEST doctor in the last 12 months. 

Who’s this QUEST for?

The Global QUEST Initiative is seeking eligible patients who are:

  • 18+ years of age and living in Australia
  • able to complete the questionnaires in English
  • able to provide informed consent
  • have access to the internet or a smart phone
  • suffering from a chronic condition with symptoms that have lasted for three months or more, and
  • eligible for medicinal cannabis as a form of treatment
  • have not taken any type of prescribed medical cannabis for four weeks before enrolling in the study (so researchers can detect meaningful changes prior to treatment starting)

Eligibility for this study and medicinal cannabis treatment will ultimately be determined by a consulting doctor based on your individual clinical circumstances.

Contact the QUEST Support team

Phone 1300 664 369

Please note QUEST support business hours are 9am – 5pm Australian Western Standard Time

    Contact the QUEST Support team

    Phone 1300 664 369

    Please note QUEST support business hours are 9am – 5pm Australian Western Standard Time